Friends of Toppenish Creek

Our Mission

Friends of Toppenish Creek is dedicated to protecting the rights of rural communities and improving oversight of industrial agriculture. FOTC operates under the simple principle that all people deserve clean air, clean water and protection from abuse that results when profit is favored over people. FOTC works through public education, citizen investigations, research, legislation, special events, and direct action.





In June of this year 157 people out of every 100,000 had died from COVID 19 in the Upper Yakima County and 200 people out of every 100,000 had died in the Lower Yakima County

     Through a public records request, the Friends of Toppenish Creek received data from the WA State Dept. of Health regarding incidence rates and death rates from COVID 19 by zip code in Yakima County. To see that data and read FOTC analysis click here.



Yakima County - Worst Air in Washington State



Figure 8.28. Winter season NH3 emissions contributions by source for Yakima County, from the 2011 Washington Comprehensive Emissions Inventory. page 99 of the Yakima Air Winter Nitrates Study.




Victory for Water