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Friends of Toppenish Creek is dedicated to protecting the rights of rural communities and improving oversight of industrial agriculture. FOTC operates under the simple principle that all people deserve clean air, clean water and protection from abuse that results when profit is favored over people. FOTC works through public education, citizen investigations, research, legislation, special events, and direct action.






Friends of Toppenish Creek does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in its programs or activities.


Stock Piling Manure in Pens and Corrals

     A myth that impedes progress in effective regulation of animal agriculture is the idea that whatever industry does is an acceptable practice. Seventy years ago few people would have found it acceptable to store animal manure in million gallon lagoons next to people’s homes. Bit by bit that practice has wormed its way into everyday life in rural America. Today many people consider this “normal”. Is confining animals on top of manure next?

     Not too long ago CAFO owners routinely removed manure from pens and corrals. That practice is now changing as operators simply pile up the manure in the center of the lots and let it accumulate for years. In a letter to the EPA Ag & Water Quality Advisory Committee, Friends of Toppenish Creek describes what is happening in the Yakima Valley and summarizes the few regulatory actions in place.